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Helena Nordin is a singer and composer that has shifted between several music styles in performing and creating. 
From rock music to musical theatre to jazz she traveled and found her expression in improvisation and compositions where she can paint the music with her lyrics and melodies where she expresses her thoughts and feelings in a rhythmical way.

In a thirst for learning more about art and expression, Helena started to perform as an actor at the age of 10.

Followed by years of dancing and acting and singing, Helena got to experience the stage as a home from early age.

When she studied Musical Theatre in several schools such as Performing Arts School in Gothenburg she found her own voice through improvisation and free expression.
In a curiosity of learning more about her voice and it's possibilities Helena attended a 1 year singing program in Oslo through Complete Vocal Institute.
Three years later she graduated a 3-year singing- and coaching program 2019.

At the Music Conservatory of Sweden she develloped a deeper love for the language of jazz and composing followed by studying Bachelor in Jazz at Piteå College of Music.

In her studies she had several icons to learn from such as: Dena DeRose, Bob Mintzer, Adam Nussbaum, Harri Ihanus, Eric Weissglas and more.

" We should continue to learn new things every day because only we can create our own reality."
- Helena Nordin


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