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Every day as a frilance creator

On this page I will share some thoughts that runs through my mind weekly. 
Feel free to read, think, and be - we can hopefully come together in the pauses of life.


Train of thoughts

The train of thought. Just like the weather our mind can shift and be spotted by different patterns during a day. Someting that I noticed is that the lack of knowledge of how our mind actually is the number one factor to the outcome of our work: Healthy mind, healthy art and healthy business. It's quite simple; isn't it? We strive, we are polite and real with each other, we do our best and that's it. So why is it so hard sometimes?
Because of the head. The lovely head. BUT the most difficult, complex and surreal of situations could be solved by managing the focus. Positivity. Being surrounded by positive and inspiring people and places that we all create together. That's the real deal.

Fort of comfort

Im sitting in my childhood room. I never thought this room would restore so much memories and sesations; the smell of wood, youth and drama, all in one perfect mix.
Crazy how smell and light can bring old memories up. Nothing can be more clear to me then a smell to bring up stuff to he surface.

I was also thinking this morning about movement. Again. But it's true. Meeting an old familiar face reminded me that we are in a constant movement, facial expressions, intention and attitude may be the same but we all get coloured by what we are exposed to.
As I noticed: if you're not put in many situations, or if you don't pt yourself in situations, you may never change. How lovely my wooden, youthful, red painted room may seem, I wouldn't trade anything for what I put myself through. I even find it sad that people seem to protect them selves from exposion of sorts. We are supposed to change. And travel though time. Just as the generations before us did. What's the harm in being well-worm? At least here is no charm there.

But we need to have a fort of security. An environnement where we can travel and move freely without being judged. The stream of being is not supposed to be stopped.
Do you have your fort of comfort where you feel free? What is that fort build of?


High standards

Writing this makes me think about the time when we all had "blogs" with funky names that cpuld potentially make you famous. But for me, it is a great way to release some tension in my brain.

I've been thinking about the way we need to set high standard for out own living condition. Lately I find myself confused in how much energy I "need" to gice. What is necessary for me to still be a good.. everything I need to be? Truly, not much if I could guess. If I could guess I am probably doing just enough, am just enough nice to people, work just the right amount of hours and put the right amount of effort in to it. But for some reason it has become almost like a "trend" to be the person that totally wrecks yourself, destroys your own pleasure and precious time, just to succeed. Not trendy. Not at all trendy. And more effective and nurturing to work healthier. That should be trendy. To be healthy. That's where the standard shoud be high. No matter how things go.

One thing about playing music as well. Just an other observation, small but important. 
Mainly, to play music is just like any other thing when it comes to life really, just with a special way to express it. To play music is to care. Care for the world around you, care for the people around you and make each other feel good. That's the whole point, right?



A thing that keep us moving forward is the joy of doing things, empathy and dialogue. Without these things, nothing will ever aspire and grow. Without communication nothing will ever grow. Everything around me communicates, trees, wind, me and my fridge, me and my shower. Everything is communication. What would happen if the water in my shower cuts me off from the dialogue with me? I would starve brainly. 

The music business is from my point of view no different, or should not be different from other professions. So how come it seems to be?
In all industries there is a need to follow the social codes on the working place, open supportive environnement, complimenting each other for the good effort and following a working schedule.
And I often experience that there is a lack of these things in the business that I am in (I must confess I am not always the best in these areas myself). But how come this climate is formed? 
I think it might be formed by us, creators. Is this because there is a fear of what would happen if we DON'T fear? What would happen if we follow the rules of other professions?

Happiness and joy is the largest source of connection to other people. But what I am talking about is TRUE, GENUINE, RAW empathy and delight for and from other people.

When we are free from pressure and requirements we can create. (Better).

The inspiration for the last part is taken from Bruce W Brackett. I quote:
"Here's a cup of love, drink up and enjoy, it is all for you" 

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